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20 Smart Ideas to Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

It doesn’t matter how small your bedroom is. Put in your time and heart into making your small bedroom look bigger, you will.

This is 20 Smart Ideas to Make Your Small Bedroom Looks Bigger.

#1. Important note if you’re willing to make your small bedroom look bigger.

Do not paint your room in dark colours such as black or red. By using dark paint, you will allow the paint to absorb light.

room in dark colours such as black or red

Go for lighter tones such as off white or light blue. They will provide a more fresh and airy experience and keep your mood lighter.

#2. Discard of all the furniture items that you don’t need.
When we walk past the furniture shop and think how that dresser is something we need when in fact our closets at home are half empty.

Garbage furniture

Do not clutter your bedroom. It’s always nice to have more things, but in fact, they’re just taking up space and increasing your clean up duty.

#3. Since your room is small and you’re getting rid of all the useless items
You can try having just one bold wall art instead of numerous photos. That one bold art wall will bring more attention to the wall and avoid cluttering.

#4. If you want your small bedroom to appear bigger, go for low height furniture.
It is a good idea to stay away from tables that are too tall for your small bedroom. Keeping low to the ground will make the ceiling appear wider and cleaner.

You can also try using a mattress because a mattress can be easily placed inside the closet when not in use. This will create a lot of space when you aren’t sleeping.

#5. Just because you like to have lamps, doesn’t mean you buy one with the biggest frame.

Table lamp bedroom ideas

Small decent table lamps will work just fine. Instead of having floor lamps, get table lamps. This will save up floor space for you.

#6. Have you tried transparent furniture before If you have not yet, you should give it a go?
Just the way you should keep the walls a lighter colour, keep your furniture not too bulky or dark. The trick is you can try lucite chairs and acrylic, which are budget-friendly and easy to customize.

#7. Use of the headboard.
Add shelves around your bed and remove the headboard. The shelving doubles the amount of space you have in your bedroom.

shelves around your bed

You can also have built-in shelf panels around the bedroom. This will create the illusion of depth in the wall which you can use to place keys, photo frames, books, etc.

#8. Mirrors are essential if you want your room look spacious and bigger.
In fact, you should instead get a mirror on the back of your closet and avoid having a dressing table. This will save up a lot of space.

In small bedrooms, it’s a better idea to get hang mirrors instead of photo frames. The mirrors will also prove useful and add to the aesthetics of your small bedroom.

#9. As mentioned before there’s no need to get furniture pieces you do not need.
If you need space in your small bedroom, get foldable furniture. Foldable furniture is great as they provide you with the facility and can be stacked under the bed or to a corner later.

For small areas, it’s a great idea to have dining tables that are small and compact. You can skip the idea of a dining table with two or more chairs if you don’t have many guests.

#10. The length of your drapes.
When getting curtains, do not just pay special attention to the colour of the drapes, but also make sure they don’t touch the floor.

drapes in bedrooms

The principle is that letting your drapes touch the floor stops the flow of the room. The same goes for some furniture where you should let the legs show.

#11. The best course of action for small bedrooms.
You need to know that adding many things in your small bedroom will not cause chaos. Avoid unnecessary items or decorations that will only leave you feeling pinched.

#12. Small bedrooms definitely have smaller windows.
By having wider and taller blinds, you are basically helping yourself feel that the window is large-scale. Place your blinds over the window frames and let them fall. Take the rope to tie it nicely.

#13. You should not use blankets and bed sheets with sharp patterns and colours.

Bright bed sheet and blanket

Try to keep the sheets in light colours. This is because the bed is a large piece of furniture that is easily visible. Know that bright and bright colours can also lift the mood.

#14. Consider your room painting or a drawing where you have limited space.
It would be best if you adopted the right movement, whether horizontal or vertical. If you have a window in your room and it has a vertical pattern, then look for furniture that has a vertical pattern too. Don’t break the flow.

#15. These are additional tips for your bedroom.
We will feel comfortable if the room can be arranged properly rather than a messy room. Try to organize your bedroom space starting from as simple as putting a pencil in a jar, jewellery in the box and clothes in the closet.

Cleaning the floor and making the bed is one of the keys to making your small bedroom look bigger and better.

#16. Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to have small furniture either.
However, the thing to note here is that the scales you follow for your bed should be the same for your side table and dressing table. Create a compact feel in your space so that every element has harmony.

#17. The trim colour should be lighter than the surrounding colour.
Maybe you haven’t heard of it, but it is true. If the wall colour is brighter than the trim, then the light that will be reflected will be more so that your small bedroom will receive a lot of light.

#18. Your room colour should make sense.
If you choose a colour for the walls, you should also think about matching it with the colour of the carpet or other furniture.

room colour should make sense

Visual coherence is an important thing to master. Pick one colour scheme and play around with using similar hues and hues for your other items.

#19. Many of us haven’t realized this trick.
The think about transparent furniture pieces is that it tricks the brain into keeping the eye moving to result in creating space for illusion. Try placing a see-through chair in front of the table, and it might feel like it’s not there!

#20. This trick is obvious, but most of us fail to understand it.
The perception of space can be created by making the most of it. Buy a sofa that has legs and avoid using furniture that is too large.

If you want, you can buy a chair instead of a big sofa. Also buy furniture that serves more than one purpose, like a bed with drawers at the bottom for extra space.

Thanks so much for reading my post. If you have any styling tips yourself, please leave a comment. God Bless You.

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